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All participants in RAW2020 are eligible for a free 2.5 month subscription to Analytica Professional valid through the end of 2020. After that will be able to continue for another 12 months at 50% off normal price -- i.e. $500.

10% off Stanford's Introduction to Probability Management

Use special code 6RNWYDHXT6VWGAS7 to get 10% off Stanford's Introduction to Probability Management. The course is lead by Sam Savage.

Your own copy of the Failure of Risk Management

An essential guide to the calibrated risk analysis approach The Failure of Risk Management takes a close look at misused and misapplied basic analysis methods and shows how some of the most popular "risk management" methods are no better than astrology!

Save 30% on G31000 Risk Management Maturity model

The Global Institute for Risk Management Standards has developed a Risk Management Maturity Model (RMM) for organizations that seek to improve the quality of risk management and decision making across the organization. The G31000 RMM has been significantly updated to align with the new ISO 31000 2018 version. It provides guidelines, benchmarking and assessment criteria and can be used by the risk management function, the internal audit function, external consultants and the Board.

1 free access to online risk-taking course

This course is not about doing risk assessments, building risk registers, heat maps or risk reports. None of these things have anything to do with proper risk management. This course is about alternative, different take on risk management. This is what I call risk management 2. Join me to discover how to integrate risk management principles into day to day decisions, change how investments are done, change how strategy and budgets are set and change the very culture of the organization.