Max Henrion

CEO, Lumina Decision Systems I am the founder and CEO of Lumina Decision Systems. I was lead designer of Analytica, about which PC Week said "All the problems of the common spreadsheet are fixed in Analytica, and the Jeeves Advisor, online consumer decision support. I am adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon, where I used to teach full-time. I was founding President of the Association of Uncertainty and Artificial Intelligence. I coauthored a book Uncertainty (Cambridge Univ Press), two other books, and over 60 refereed articles.

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Lumina develops and publishes innovative decision tools and provides decision analysis consulting. Analytica is its flagship line of products, about which PC Week said "Everything that's wrong with the common spreadsheet is fixed in Analytica". Lumina specializes in "green decisions" assisting organizations to reduce their energy costs and environmental footprint. Max Henrion founded Lumina in 1991, and resumed his position as CEO in 2002, after an interval as VP Decision Technology at Ask Jeeves.

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Uncertainty: A Guide to Dealing with Uncertainty in Risk Analysis


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Why consider uncertainty? The value of knowing how little you know

Max Henrion