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Founder, ThinQ Decisions Trygve Botn is the founder of ThinQ Decisions, an Oslo-based consulting firm focused on transferring Decision Science to improve Decision Quality for businesses and organizations. Many decisions are complex and faced with risks, uncertainties and conflicting objectives from stakeholders. ThinQ Decisions utilizes a decision-centric framework to help gain clarity around such decisions.

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By applying Decision Science methodologies, techniques and practices, ThinQ Decisions utilizes a proven framework to (i) structure opportunities and align objectives, and (ii) through analytics, quantify risks and uncertainties to allow decision-makers take clear and informed choices.

Trygve Botn has an MSc in International Business from BI Norwegian Business School. He is the founder of ThinQ Decision, an Oslo-based consulting firm that helps businesses and organizations with enhancing quality decision-making under risk and uncertainty. During his 15-year career at Chevron, Trygve held several key roles as a decision leader and advisor, as well as an instructor and mentor. He has applied Decision Analysis (DA) to a wide range of energy and oil/gas investment projects such as greenfield developments, drilling & completion, renewable technologies and R&D portfolios, brownfield and asset development, and business development efforts. Trygve is also a DA Lead Practitioner from Society of Decision Professionals.

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Trygve Botn