COVID-19: How did we get here? Where and how do we go from here?

The spread of viral disease (COVID-19) was the last snowflake that caused the avalanche of global proportion. The inter-relationship of nonfinancial risks resulted in the new reality that we are now living through. This session will examine the inter-relationships of global risks and trends that existed at the end of 2019, and will demonstrate how those risks and trends were impacted by the spread of viral disease that has effected the entire population, either directly or indirectly.

The session will:

Link business strategy and underlying strategic assumptions to a new set of nonfinancial risks for 2020.

Review how the Global Risks and Trends Framework (GRAFT) has helped organizations prepare of this epidemic, and implement their resiliency plans.

Provide a method for your CROs and Risk Managers to communicate the importance of nonfinancial risk to their Board and Senior management to ensure that your organizations strategy is aligned with your ERM framework, and is funded in a way to be prepared for the next storm on the horizon.

About The Speakers

Lois Tullo

Lois Tullo

Author, researcher, speaker, Prof, Global risk institute

Lois Tullo has over 30 years of business, risk and technology experience at the Board, CRO/CFO, and Academic level. Novera Capital Inc. CRO, Schulich School of Business Risk Management, and Global Risk Institute Executive-in-Residence. Board Chair Urban Promise, JLT Associates, and Richview Foundation, past Board of Director Jameson Bank, the Girl Guides of Canada.