Create an Excel model and evaluate using Decision Analysis and Monte Carlo practices the case study framed in Session 1

Join Brian Putt and Alex Sidorenko in this second session where we create and Excel model for the case study framed in Session 1 using Decision Quality practices and Monte Carlo to complete the evaluation.

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Alex, acting as the subject matter expert (SME) reviews and adjust the inputs and logic of the model as Brian, the analyst, makes live changes to the model.

We evaluate the Strategy Table using SIPmath Enterprise and review the results. We test sensitivities manually and then create a tornado chart for each of the alternatives.

Alex, now acting as the Decision Executive, must make a tradeoff between two key value measures - Cost and Time.

About The Speakers

Brian Putt

Brian Putt

Decision Quality Consultant, Putt DQ Consulting

Brian is currently a Decision Quality Consultant to assist organizations in making good decisions using probabilistic analysis. He maintains a YouTube Channel that include a number of instructional videos on Excel and SIPmath applications. After retirement from Chevron in 2016 he has volunteered with the non-profit Probability Management ( to promote Decision Quality using SIPmath.