Crowdsourcing risk with Risk-Focus, because somebody in the organization knows something the organization must know

Did somebody in Wirecard know about faked Philippine records? And somebody in Beirut about explosive material in the harbor? Hell yes. Still, the financial, human, societal, and political catastrophes followed.

In the backdrop of such events, we see many emphasize the value of risk management, provided that risk managers stand firm, and that leadership both listen and embrace the risk managers' messages. That statement is an indisputable truth, a conclusion with which one can hardly disagree. However, it denies a dynamic that is much more essential truth that points the way forward for risk management: risks are born and identified deep in organizations, and often much deeper than traditional risk managers have their eyes and ears.

Risk management, especially in these unprecedented times of uncertainty and change, requires organizational effectiveness. It requires risk-managers to work shoulder-to-shoulder with their clients to capture uncertainties before they get the chance to grow into uncontrollable risk. It requires crowdsourcing of risk. Because nobody is as smart as all of us.

This workshop will explain how to bring the above into practice with tools and processes. How risk management can evolve from a function that adds value to one that drives organizations to embed a Risk Leadership Mindset TM sustainably.

Risk management is not about managing risk, it is about people making better decisions.

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About The Speakers

Marischa van Zantvoort

Marischa van Zantvoort

CEO, Loyd Consulting Group

Marischa is an engaging hands-on business leader with a strong track record in driving business success. She started her career in management consulting before joining Philips in 2009 as a Chief Auditor. From there, she held leadership roles in customer service, commercial operations, Sleep and Respiratory Care, and served in a leading role in the divestment of Philips Lighting. More recently, Marischa was the Chief Commercial Officer for the Philips Healthcare Informatics business, delivering outstanding and sustainable results.