Death, Taxes and Uncertainty - The Myth of Control

If the Covid19 pandemic has revealed anything, it is that many individuals and organisations suffer from the illusion of control – that is, that certainty is largely achievable and desirable. While (most!) risk professionals know that this isn’t the case, a vast majority of individuals don’t. However, when uncertainty is revealed as a constant and enduring quality, organisations and individuals can be transformed for the better.

This session will draw upon a number of “real world” examples that can serve as powerful ways for risk professionals to communicate what may seem like esoteric risk and uncertainty concepts in very practical ways to key audiences. It will be led by Ben Cattaneo, founder and host of the All Things Risk podcast and draw upon lessons from his numerous podcast guests who have included – Annie Duke, former World Series of Poker Champion and decision scientist, Dr. Richard Harris who led the 2018 rescue of the Wild Boars football team from a cave in Thailand, Steven Hassan one of the world’s foremost experts on cults and a range of others.

It will cover:

  • The psychology behind the Myth of Control and how it manifests;
  • When disappointment is good a thing;
  • Why we shouldn’t mis-judge so-called “adrenaline junkies”;
  • Mindset, mind, body and hippy-dippy bulls*t we should not ignore;
  • Curiosity is not a dirty word;
  • Lots more

Join in for a fascinating session!

About The Speakers

Ben Cattaneo

Ben Cattaneo

Producer, All Things Risk Podcast

Ben is a long-time risk professional, strategist and forever student of uncertainty. He produces and hosts the highly-acclaimed All Things Risk podcast - the first podcast that examines and uncovers lessons about risk and uncertainty from fascinating people that represent a wide range of domains - athletics, entrepreneurship, current affairs, culture, and much more.