The Coronavirus – Ten lessons learnt about Modern Risk Management, Resilience & Complex Systems

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic is being called the most significant global risk phenomena since World War II.

So far, it has resulted in mass planetary disruption including record fatalities, unemployment, business losses, market collapses, increased poverty, widespread fear, supply shortages and global economic instability. In brief Coronavirus, has become our generation’s greatest stress test.

As tragic as the Pandemic has been, it has also presented us with a magnificent case study upon which to observe (in real time) risk management within complex circumstances. Join Warren Black and Alexei Sidorenko as we discuss Ten Key Learnings that have unfolded during the Covid Crisis, which the invested risk management community need to better understand and account for in a working world that is only getting more complex & disruptive each year.

In this 1-hour session Warren & Alexei discuss such advanced risk concepts as disruption, emergence, crisis, wicked risks, systems theory, probability theory, complexity, uncertainty, resilience, fat tails, long tails and so much more. If you want an insight into the future of risk management, as learnt from how we prepared and responded to the Coronavirus, then this discussion is for you…

About The Speakers

Warren Black

Warren Black

Principal, Complexus

Warren has accrued deep expertise in managing risks within complex operating & delivery environments. Warren held senior roles at Deloitte and Marsh Risk Consulting and is also arguably one of only a handful a Risk Professionals who has built a full risk management framework for an organisation of over $25 billion (BG QCLNG).