What's the point of financial modeling when ignoring risks?

Most innovations in financial modeling solve the wrong problem. Convenience to play around with assumptions for example. Solving technical problems instead of methodological flaws. What's the point in being able to easily change arbitrary inputs? Getting arbitrary outputs quicker?

In my workshop I will put financial modeling a bit in its context: Supporting better decisions by recognizing and analyzing risks. I will walk you through a hands-on example to demonstrate how ignoring risks and uncertainties must lead to wrong answers... and how easy it is to do better.

About The Speakers

Torsten Röhner

Torsten Röhner

Founder, syconomic

I build financial planning and risk analysis models, and developed the syconomic SYSTEM—syST3M. I have more than 15 years of experience in financial modeling, corporate planning, probabilistic risk modeling and analysis, and corporate decision-making.