Why we make dumb decisions: Insights from behavioral science into why we behave the way we do

We often make decisions that we look back upon with regret. This is true in our personal lives as well as in our business decisions. What is fascinating is that in retrospect, we look back and wonder how we could have ever made that decision in the first place.

This is where behavioral science can help.

Behavioral science is the study of why people do what they do. This session will review what behavioral science says about how we make decisions, the biases and heuristics that often confound those decisions, and outline some ways in which you can improve your decision making to limit the number of regrets that you have. The session explores some overarching aspects of how our brain makes decisions highlighting the implications of the duel-processing aspect of thinking. Additionally, we examine a number of common decision making biases that explore how information is processed in our brains, how random environmental cues impact our behaviors, and how framing the question can influence our answers. All of this is presented in a fun, upbeat, and accessible manner that showcases ways in which we can improve the way that we think.

About The Speakers

Kurt Nelson

Kurt Nelson PhD

The Lantern Group, The Lantern Group

Kurt is a sought-after consultant, speaker and recognized leader in human motivation and behavior change. For over 20 years, Kurt has worked with global companies to apply behavioral science principles to drive change in their organizations.