Paul Papayoanou

Managing Director, Dragonfly Dr. Papayoanou is a Fellow of the Society of Decision Professionals and the author of Game Theory for Business, as well as several articles in business publications. He has lectured on game theory and business at Harvard Business School, the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University, Stanford University, Texas A&M, The George Washington University, and Virginia Tech.

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Dr. Paul Papayoanou is the founder and Managing Director of Dragonfly. He earned a Ph.D. from UCLA and initially pursued a career in academia, working as a professor at the University of California, San Diego and at Harvard University. He then started a strategy consulting practice that specialized in applying Strategic Gaming, the novel and practical game theory approach for business strategy and negotiations that he developed. In his 19-year consulting career, he has worked on more than 150 strategy and negotiation engagements, helping large and small companies in various industries to capture billions of dollars in value. His industry experience includes oil and gas, the life sciences, technology, power, alternative energy, chemicals, manufacturing, consumer goods, food and packaging, financial services, blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. He also spearheaded efforts to improve decision-making throughout Shell’s global organization as the lead subject matter expert in game theory, decision analysis, and decision quality. In addition to game theory and decision and risk analysis, his expertise includes real options, statistics, wargaming, portfolio analysis, enterprise risk management, financial and valuation modeling, and political risk analysis.

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Using game theory to make better decisions

Paul Papayoanou