Data-driven decisions for smart legal and compliance professionals

To many legal and compliance professionals, risk assessments are bureaucratic paperwork for regulatory reporting and corporate defence.

Clearly, it is not adding any value for deciding the allocation of resources and controls in the ethics and compliance programs. The consequences of siloed and biased assessments can be fatal for the organization, and also, for the careers of the legal advisors and compliance officers. By identifying sources of internal and external data and using these sources for decision-making, better strategies can be developed to prevent litigation and breaches or offering new services.

This presentation will allow improving your techniques to better use data to assess compliance and legal risks for regulatory and contractual requirements. You will learn how to perform smart quantitative analyses for managing penalty risks in a business case based on a concession contract.

About The Speakers

Prof. Hernan Huwyler

Prof. Hernan Huwyler

Compliance Program Director, IE Law School

Professor Hernan Huwyler is a risk and compliance specialist for multinational companies for over twenty years. He is focused on developing practices and controls to address business risks and legal requirements in European and American corporations. He is currently working for a large bank in Copenhagen to build cyber, 3rt party risk, and due diligence processes.