Meet our speakers

Learn from some of the best risk management and decision making experts in the world. Each presentation is specifically tailored to appeal to both risk managers and decision makers alike.

Graeme Keith

Owner & CEO, Stochastic ApS

Benoit Ladouceur

Specialist Director, Enterprise Risk, VIA Rail Canada

Hans Læssøe

Founder, AKTUS

Connor McLemore

Principal Operations Research Analyst, CANA Advisors

Judith Nissan

Keshet Solutions, Risk Management Consultant

Mehtap Numanoglu

CRO, Brown Brothers Harriman Luxembourg

Demetria O'Sullivan

Experienced CRO, Financial services

Paul Papayoanou

Managing Director, Dragonfly

Mark Powell

Consultant, Attwater Consulting

Brian Putt

Decision Quality Consultant, Putt DQ Consulting

Yuri Raydugin

Author, Modern Risk Quantification in Complex Projects

Torsten Röhner

Founder, syconomic

Yehuda Sapir

Risk Management Consultant, Keshet Solutions

Joachim Schulte

Enterprise Risk Manager, skyguide

Alex Sidorenko

Chief Risk Officer, Institute for Strategic Risk Analysis

Julian Talbot

Consultant and Author, JulianTalbot.com

Lois Tullo

Author, researcher, speaker, Prof, Global risk institute

Marischa van Zantvoort

CEO, Loyd Consulting Group

Eng-Wee Ethan Yeo

Assistant Director of Technology and Standards, ProbabilityManagement.org

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