Impact of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak on Top Risks

This talk shows what has been done to assess the impact of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak on the most important risks of the company (Top Risks). The idea was that risk management should help the company to make difficult decisions during a crisis. The approach is based on quantitative risk management, in particular Monte-Carlo simulation, and evaluate the severe modification of the risk level of the company. The talk also shows the conclusions and recommendations that have been made to the Executive Board of the company. The assessment lead to two concrete business changes.

About The Speakers

Joachim Schulte

Joachim Schulte

Enterprise Risk Manager, skyguide

Joachim is skyguide’s Enterprise Risk Manager, a company providing air navigation services to airlines. He is a seasoned expert in risk management with over 10 years of experience in the domain. His work in risk management supports risk-based decision making and helps skyguide make better decisions under uncertainty.